The Classical Connection is a cross-genre musical celebration, exploring the many relationships between progressive rock and classical music. Although it is a musically diverse and loosely defined genre, most would agree that progressive rock music goes beyond the traditional constraints of rock music to employ more advanced compositional techniques typically found in classical and jazz. In many cases progressive rock musicians have some degree of formal music training; many will cite classical composers among their chief musical influences and listening tastes. But in all cases they share a love of music for music's sake, and make it a matter of personal study and development. The result is music that defies the current consumerist pop music industry and seeks to connect to listeners on a much deeper, more meaningful level.

I created The Classical Connection as a means to express my love of "good music" in my two favorite genres, and in the hope that I would be able to encourage listeners to expand their horizons and develop a taste for music that they might not have otherwise been exposed to. I have created over 30 hour-long episodes, each focused on a particular theme, which I invite you to listen to and read about. In addition, you may wish to look at my blog on which I post interesting videos, music news, and coments about episodes I'm working on.


Paul Erdman